BTD Custom Jewelry.  Unique jewelry as you.

Inspired by You. Designed and expertise by us. BTD jewelry is your personal jeweler.

Nowadays  BTD has over 20 thousand models in the jewelry collection, from democratic to exclusive products created in a single piece. Following to the fashion trends, our designers have made jewelries,  popular in Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.

Our team of designers and experts helps you to create you a personal statement that mass-produced jewelry can’t.

Each piece of jewelry we produce starts off as a brand new idea. We start with a consultation to know what you are looking for. Send sketches designed just for you. Adjust every detail until you tell us it is perfect. We are able to produce quality jewelry for many occasions (as an anniversary gift or engagement ring),  that you want to last a lifetime.

BTD custom jewelers have a great experience, mastership for original designs and offers high level of quality,  the best settings of  precious and semi precious gemstones.

When you choose BTD jewelry, you are working with an innovative, industry-leading company that leverages the latest cutting-edge technology as well as time-honored quality craftsmanship to create jewelry designs that are as impressive as the precious stones set in them.

Whether you already have an idea, want help designing something unique, or just want help in your search for the perfect piece of jewelry – we’re here to help.