Boutique  Time&Diamonds  guarantees that our products are high quality and authentic.

All of the watches we sell bear the original manufacturer’s serial number.

Boutique Time&Diamonds offers a warranty for each product you have purchased if defects related to the quality of the work or material occur. The warranty is limited by the manufacturer (1.2 years). The period of warranty starts on the day of purchase and covers manufacturing imperfections and material defects, provided that the product has been used properly.

Pursuant to the warranty, every product that has been identified by the manufacturer as defective will be repaired (depending on maintenance equipment and the availability of spare parts), replaced with a similar product, or replaced with a product of similar value of the same brand.

The warranty does not cover:

Products which, in the opinion of the manufacturer, have been handled incorrectly or carelessly, or which have been modified or repaired. Products which have been used incorrectly or are damaged, those with degraded water-resistant properties, those that have undergone improper/incomplete winding, or those with which the requirements related to the water-resistance of the watch have not been complied with.

Watch straps made from leather or fabric are not covered by warranty, either, since they are subject to normal wear.

The basic warranty rule covers the clockwork mechanism (the inside of the watch). External damage is rarely covered by warranty, except when damage occurs immediately upon initial use of the watch.

After-sales service is  for free.

This means that you, the customer, have the right to exchange, free repairs, or compensation of the cost of the product, partially or fully, depending on the circumstances. The warranty does not cover defects that have been caused by improper use of the products or their contamination, or poor conditions.

After the official warranty period has expired, no claims are accepted.

Products are only accepted if the customer can present a document that confirms his/her right to after-sales service, namely the passport where the model of the product, the date of purchase, and the stamp of the distributor company can be found. This rule does not cover paid repair services.

If the customer does not present the necessary documents or the data about the product is incomplete, the product will not be accepted!

All claims from customers are ONLY accepted in writing, i.e. in the form of an application written by the customer addressing the company/shop, in which the reasons (claims, problems) concerning the product are indicated. As a rule, we send products requiring expertise directly to the manufacturers. This is why sending us the claim as soon as possible is recommended.

If you have questions concerning after-sales service, please send us an e-mail to the following address:

Our experts will provide you with information concerning the specific situation with your product and help you to solve any problems.