Give gifts with pleasure and joy!

Provide your friends and relatives with a chance to choose gifts according to their own tastes.

A gift certificate is a pleasant surprise and great to give to your friends, relatives, and other people in your life. By giving a gift certificate, you give something specific while offering choice.

The holder of the gift certificate can make purchases at the Time&Diamonds boutique as well as at the Swarovski fashion jewellery boutique at Viru Keskus.

Why is it convenient to give gift certificates?

Jewellery is always a dream gift, and if you give someone a gift certificate, you can always be sure that your friend or relative will be able to choose a piece of jewellery according to his or her own tastes.

You will save time and make the selection process much easier – you will not have to choose the gift on your own or be worried about making the wrong choice in terms of size, style, or colour. The holder of the certificate will make the choice.

A gift certificate is an appropriate gift not only for a loved one, but also for a colleague or a friend.

Where can I buy gift certificates?

You can buy gift certificates at the Time&Diamonds boutique or order them online. Just choose the appropriate certificate value and pay for it. The price of a gift certificates equals its value.

If you are a legal entity and want to buy gift certificates via bank transfer, we will be happy to offer you a corporate discount.

Rules for using gift certificates:

Kaart kehtib esitajale. Kinkekaardi ostjal on õigus seda kinkida ja anda suvalisele isikule.
Kaart kehtib 6 kuud selle ostmise kuupäevast.
Kaardil näidatud summat või selle jääki ei väljastata sularahas.
Kaardi kaotamise korral seda ei taastata.