Our mission is to provide a selective jewellery, watches, and gifts that can turn every day into a special occasion. We make important events in life brighter and more memorable.


To become the most reliable jewellery boutique in the local market, to be a leading retailer, and to work in a responsible and ethical manner.


Customers. Our customers are the number one priority of our company. We always aim to please our customers not only with our high quality and wide range of jewellery, but also with the friendly atmosphere at our boutiques and excellent service.

Employees. Every employee of our company is well trained and can give professional advice on the products and brands we sell. We respect and value our employees. The success of the whole company depends on the teamwork and contribution made by every single employee.

Reputation of the company. We value our reputation as a seller of high quality, upmarket jewellery, watches, and accessories.


  • To offer high quality products which satisfy the needs of our customers.
    To maintain an honest and efficient approach to business.
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Continuous expansion of the range of products according to fashion trends and the demands of our customers.