It was in La Cote-aux-Fees, a small village in the Swiss part of the Jura, that Georges Edouard Piaget sketched the first strokes of what, decades later, was to become an inimitable signature in the world of luxury and fine watchmaking.

In 1874, he started his first workshop on the family farm and devoted himself to making high-precision movements that he soon began supplying to the most prestigious brands.

The business developed very quickly. Piaget’s fame spread far beyond the crests of the mountains around Neuchatel, increased by demand from those who already recognised his signature on a movement as a mark of seldom-equalled expertise, and his workshop grew…

Piaget’s supremacy in ultra-thin mechanical movements has earned the brand a special place among the great Swiss watchmakers. By mastering this area of expertise while elevating boldness and creativity to the status of primary values, it was bound to cause sparks to fly. In the 1960s, the company reiterated its desire to achieve ever-increasing control over its production by purchasing several goldsmiths’ workshops in Geneva.

Designers continually revisit the themes that Piaget holds dear. They draw inspiration from a strong historical legacy and modern themes with a wide range of styles reminiscent of Hollywood glamour, magic gardens and the many facets of celebratory occasions.

Each Piaget design plays on the fluidity of materials and the radiance of light, thanks to the exceptional talent of our jewelers and gem-setters. Each Piaget design gives way to a new emotion: from diamond drops that trickle down the neck, quivering foliage that embellish and frame the face and the firework-like explosion of gems. Very special care is given to finishes to provide long-lasting comfort and flexibility to the wearer.

The various professions involved in the design of a piece work in close proximity to provide prompt communication and responsiveness. By taking all technical and esthetic constraints into consideration for each new stage in jewelry production, our technical expertise is fully focused on excellence in design.