Сustom made jewelry
Using the service of making jewelry under the order from the store Time & Diamonds, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result in the shortest time. Our store is in constant development and tries to make its service more convenient, more accessible, more understandable.

Before ordering a jewelry, we suggest you read this information that will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

  1. Before placing the order, please fill in the form that will help you get the most information you need.
  2. Be sure to fill in the fields with contacts, this will allow our managers to contact you promptly to clarify the details of the order.
  3. If you order a product under  BTD Jewelry catalog, indicate the article of the product, the metal from which it should be made, as well as the stones, which will be inlaid.
  4. If you order a jewelry according to an individual pattern, sketch, photos – please attach the file to the message. The quality and size of the picture is important. It is important that small parts, engraving were seen, the product could be seen from several angles. This will allow our masters to reproduce this product as accurately as possible.
  5. If you have any special requests or you want to make changes, describe it in details in the order form. This will allow us to produce a jewelry, that will exactly match your wishes.
  6. Carefully measure your ring size, because the rings you wore earlier may become small or large. In case the product is executed according to the size you ordered, but “for some reason” you decided to change the size after receipt, the changes are made at the expense of the Customer.
  7. If you order a product with stones, please read the information in the  description below.
  8. If you want to cover the product with rhodium or gold, please inform us about that.
  9. We have  of 2-3 weeks production time, except exclusive models, or models with rare stones, that we have to order specially for your jewelry.
  10. Please  prepare you order for special dates like New Year or Valentine  in advance. We have a number of orders at this time and masters simply can not  fulfill them in time physically.
  11. Time & Diamonds online store – does not manufacture counterfeit products. If you want to order a product – a copy of the famous brand, be prepared for the fact that the correspondence of the original model will be 80-90%.
  12. We start to manufacture the individual  order  with prepayment of 30 % of the total amount. We will send the invoice with drawing and calculation for your approval,  as well as the amount you  have you pay to start the production.
  13. After the product is ready, we will send you  a  request for the methods of shipping to clarify the address, as well as the balance of payment. Usually, the products are sent by “DPD” courier service. This will allow us to be sure that you will receive the product promptly and safely.
  14. If after receiving the product you have any questions or claims regarding the quality of the jewelry, please contact us immediately, by e-mail or phone. We  will quickly find the ways to solve it. Your references and thanks are also welcome.


Can the color of the stones differ from the color in the photo? Can you order your jewelry with your own stone?

Dear customers. Please consider this information when ordering products with stones:

  1. We don’t have always the stones exactly the same shade that you want or have at the picture. We choose the closest color (lighter or darker), taking into account with your the jewelry and after your final approval.
  2. If you find the stones at a lower price – we are not responsible for the quality and appearance, strength and color.
  3. If you would like to buy the stone yourself and then put it into the jewelry, please consult us in advance. Often customers buy beautiful, large stones, but their shape and size does not fit perfectly to model of jewelry that they have chosen. We are professionals in jewelry and stone industry during the 25 years, and will gladly help you make the right choice.
  4. We do not give certificates for precious small stones and do not belong to the luxury stones. Normally, we give certificate for free, for the jewelry above 1000 EUR. The certification of the small stones by professional gemologist and his expert opinion will cost additionally.
  5. Custom-made jewelry can be decorated with diamonds, cubic zircon, precious and semi precious stones.
  6. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the stones, you can order a special certification in your city. We value our reputation and are responsible for the quality of our products.
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