Mikimoto delight and fascinates

Marine and floral motifs seem to merge together, creating a sense of natural harmony and complete design. You get enchanted by it’s beauty, there is a feeling that these jewelry belong to another world, a world where there is peace and serenity, where the eternal white sun shines upon the World of dreams and fantasies. The patterns of the transparent sea water and light sea breeze take shape in graceful curved metal and thin strings of beautiful necklaces. But they are only the frame for the Crown of Creation, beautiful, perfect akoya pearls, with rich color and deep tints of perfect forms. The Mikimoto jewelry uses only the highest standard precious metals. Mikimoto takes only natural akoya pearls, taking only 3-5 pieces of 100 of Akoya pearls. Mikimoto does not use the Treatment and painting – all the pearls are always 100% natural. For all necklaces only silk threads of top-class are used.

Be sure to purchase only original Mikimoto Jewelry in Boutique Time & Diamonds