Swarovski Remix Collection

The innovative new turn, Swarovski Remix Collection redefines the jewelry game, opening up limitless possibilities of customization. This versatile range can indeed dial up the style in millions of combinations thanks to the exclusive invisible magnetic closures that allow new ways to connect and wear the shimmering jewelry strands – be it as all-around necklaces, chokers, double or single-wrap bracelets, or strand necklaces.

Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin says of the new collection: “Swarovski is a brand for all women so I consider their individual style when I design: from the timeless classic and the feminine romantic to the more edgy woman and the glamorous fashionista. The new Swarovski Remix Collection is a shining example of how Swarovski jewelry is for each and every woman. This game-changing collection invites us to express our own style, personality, and attitude thanks to the versatile and customizable concept. After all, modern glamour with an extraordinary twist is what Swarovski jewelry is all about.”

The range of strands reflects Swarovski’s distinctive versatility, featuring a variety of symbols such as the protective Hamsa hand, lucky charm, or evil eye, as well as playful emojis, dainty pearls, or classic crystal designs. This diversity enables the modern woman to express different facets of her style, from romantic to rock chic, to sparkle at all times.